About us

About Us

  In a drive to prevent any events similar to the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident, the nuclear industry in Japan established the Japan Nuclear Safety Institute or JANSI in 2012 as a self-regulatory organization, which functions as a civilian third-party organization to encourage operators’ efforts for voluntary pursuit of higher excellence.
  In order to achieve this self-regulation, JANSI and the industry are working as a community to improve nuclear safety further by ensuring the following points;

CEO’s Engagement

Chief Executive Officers are actively engaged in the operation of JANSI, including governance and oversight.
(※:Board of Directors consisted of all operator CEOs is actively engaged in JANSI activities)

Nuclear Safety Focus

The primary focus is on nuclear safety. There is a clear mission, focused on achieving standards of excellence in operations.

Support from Industry

The industry fully participates in JANSI activities and provides support in talent and resource.


Member companies are accountable for the safety of their station and to JANSI for the collective safety of the industry.


JANSI is independent of any one group or company, although it is dependent on the collective group of companies.

Collaboration with operators (Principle of coordination)

  JANSI shares the principle of collaboration and coordination with operators to ensure its independence and to serve as a powerful driver of operators’ safety enhancement activities.

Ensuring objectivity of proposals and/or recommendations

  When establishing proposals and/or recommendations, JANSI receives the technical review group’s review on an as-needed-basis to incorporate different perspectives. The JANSI President & CEO directly presents the proposals and/or recommendations to the utility CEO.

JANSI’s Mission and Cycle of Activities

  In order to achieve effective self-regulation, operators need to take voluntary and continuous measures to enhance safety, strive to attain the world’s highest level of safety (i.e. excellence) in an up-to date manner and, in pursuit of new heights, work to develop excellence on its own initiative (this is referred as “the pursuit of excellence”).
   Thus, JANSI drives safety improvement activities under the mission below;


  JANSI defines the latest standards of excellence and applies it in the cycle of setting up excellence standards, evaluating to these standards and supporting the operators in an effective and timely manner for the purpose of achieving its mission.

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