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Quality Policy

“Serious nuclear accidents like the Fukushima Daiichi Accident shall never occur again.”

Based on this firm resolution in the nuclear industry, JANSI has been established as a self-regulatory organization to play a leading role for the nuclear safety in Japan.
Committing to this resolution, JANSI set up the mission, “Pursuing the world’s highest level of safety in Japan’s nuclear society~Untiring Pursuit of the Highest Standards of Excellence~”
In the 10-Year Strategy FY2019-2028, the desired end state of the industry is defined as “Effects of voluntary safety improvement initiatives of operators as well as commitment to continuous improvement are evident” while that of JANSI is described as “JANSI is effectively and efficiently leading voluntary safety improvement initiatives of operators as a self-regulatory organization.”
In order to achieve these, JANSI shall operate complying with the following quality policy.

  1. JANSI leads the industry in the pursuit of Excellence in nuclear safety by developing trust, exerting peer pressure, and maintaining organizational independence.
  2. JANSI exercises the collective strength through active communication and cooperation within the Institute, and provides high quality evaluation and support.
  3. JANSI comprehensively grasps industry performance and shares thoughtful insights to continuously improve nuclear safety performance.
  4. JANSI monitors the external business and societal environments and flexibly adjusts priorities to best support the evolving needs of the industry.
  5. JANSI continuously improves the effectiveness of the Quality Assurance activity.
July 1, 2021
President & CEO
Japan Nuclear Safety Institute