The following programs are implemented to support the two pillars of JANSI’s operations (i.e. evaluations, proposals and/ or recommendations, and assistance for safety improvement measures and nuclear facilities alike):

Safety system improvement program

JANSI assesses the management and design of safety-critical equipment of the operator’s, and also conducts activities designed to evaluate, propose and/or recommend, and assist the safety improvement measures. More specifically, the following activities are performed:

Nuclear facility peer review program

In peer reviews and other reviews on specific themes, JANSI assesses the condition of equipment, operational state of nuclear facilities, soundness of safety culture, and progress in improvement efforts by comparing with excellence. Proposals and/or recommendations and assistance are accordingly offered to raise the levels in these areas.

OE information utilization program

JANSI harnesses domestic and overseas operating experience (OE) information to improve the safety of Japanese nuclear power stations. In addition to analyzing compiled OE information, JANSI puts together new measures for operators to steadfastly prevent trouble recurrences.

Human resource development program

To attain the world’s highest level of nuclear safety, JANSI develops and operates a scheme that enables operators (including contractors) to proactively expand and reinforce human resource development efforts.

Integrated Assessment System program for nuclear power station

The Integrated Assessment System for nuclear power stations is an undertaking that focuses primarily on operating nuclear power stations and exhaustively evaluates safety improvement activities. Operators are encouraged to voluntarily enhance nuclear safety for incentives which they are given according to the assessment ranks. If necessary, operators that need assistance are supported by the collaborative effort of JANSI and other operators.

Infrastructure strengthening program

JANSI assists establishment of nuclear-related codes and standards, and a shared platform for maintenance technology. JANSI is harnessing these particulars to assist operators’ safety enhancement activities. Evaluations on specific themes (i.e. specific theme reviews) are also ongoing.

Collaboration with domestic and overseas organizations

JANSI coordinates with operators and industrial stakeholders to enable JANSI’s and operators’ top executives to focus on nuclear safety and exercise leadership accordingly.
Other efforts include an exchange of views with: The Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA)/the Secretariat of the NRA; and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy). JANSI also interacts with the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan, and the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum. Active efforts are also made to collaborate with overseas institutions and experts.
JANSI boosts the effectiveness of its management and activities by exchanging views with the International Advisory Committee, which is a body that advises JANSI’s business administration in general, and also by working with a technical review group that objectively evaluates individual technology-related issues from an expert’s perspective.