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Main Action of Ten-Year Strategy and Technical Infra-Structure

JANSI and the nuclear operators established “Ten-Year Strategy (2019-2028)” in collaboration which is action plan to achieve future vision of the next decade.
In this document, to define future vision of JANSI and the nuclear industry, 20 main actions are developed in alignment to the activity directions of critical succeed factors, which is important to improve plant performance, and each main action is divided into 5 items.
Long-term set Ten-Year Strategy is modified as necessary according to the situation of periodical evaluation results or business environment changes.
JANSI will strive for this future vision in cooperation with operators.

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Please refer to brochure of “JANSI brochure” or “JANSI 10-Year Strategy 2019-2028 brochure”.

Main Actions of Ten-Year Strategy

1.Effective and Efficient Peer Reviews and Supports

① Continuously improve and conduct effective and efficient peer reviews
② Strengthen the support for the operators to solve common important issue
③ Provide support for autonomous safety activity programs
④ Provide support for restarting plants
⑤ Provide support for reprocessing and other facilities

2.Continuous Monitoring and Timely Information Sharing on Plant Performance

⑥ Strengthen daily monitoring of plant performance
⑦ Upgrade OE analysis work and actively provide information

3.Evaluate and Support for Both Corporate Office and Stations

⑧ Upgrade safety culture diagnosis method
⑨ Conclude safety improvement support work and focus on Risk Management support
⑩ Strengthen oversight function including corporate offices
⑪ Foster awareness of operators as owner of self-regulation
⑫ Continuously improve and conduct Integrated Assessment for nuclear stations

4.Maintain and Improve Technical Capability of Operators

⑬ Leadership trainings for emergency preparedness and disaster drills
⑭ Educate operators about Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)
⑮ Incorporate Fukushima Daiichi lessons learned

5.Strengthen Foundation of Self-Regulatory Organization:Roles, Mindset and Technical Capability

⑯ Operator support in emergency, e.g. issue of significant event notice
⑰ Mid/long-term human development
⑱ Raise awareness of self-regulatory organization
⑲ Collaboration with NRA to exercise synergy effect for nuclear safety
⑳ Peer relationship with WANO, INPO and other international organizations

Technical Infra-Structure Activity

Technical Infra-Structure Activity

○ Support for operators’ effective Technical Infra-Structure Activity
・ Maintenance Bottom Line
・ Support by Self-regulating Guideline
・ Support for Organization Effectiveness (QMS、HP、RCA)
○ Operation Supervisors Certification and Maintenance Skill Certification